Charred Timber Cladding

Permachar® Charred Timber Cladding is high quality, stylish and comes with a choice of char levels. We offer an exceptional service and our prices are amongst the lowest in the UK.

Our charred timber cladding is made from “A Grade” Siberian larch which has been fire treated. We use Siberian larch, rather than cedar cladding, for its superior qualities and durability.

Permachar® timber has undergone fire treatment to preserve it. The Japanese call it “Yakisugi (焼杉)”. It protects the wood against fire, wind, rain, rot and insects. It also substantially extends the natural lifespan of the wood.

We are a large trade manufacturer and our minimum order is 30m². Timber mills and retailers please call for re-selling.

Friendly, no obligation advice is always free. Contact us on 01646 682 738.

Charring the surface of the wood without reaching complete combustion creates a carbon layer. This surface layer is water resistant which makes the wood beneath more durable.

The unique PermaChar process creates a surface that is inhospitable to insects and pests which deters them from damaging the cladding.

The PermaChar process changes the chemical composition of the wood. This means the nutrition sources that fungus and mould spores need are removed.

In order for the charred cladding or fencing to re-ignite, it requires much higher temperatures and longer contact with a flame source.

The source timber used is sustainable and FSC approved, this ensures forests are managed properly and ethically.


We only use high quality, durable timbers. This coupled with the charring process, produces a wood which has a very long life span. Many Japanese examples last well over 50 years.