Why PermaChar?

Why PermaChar?

About Us

PermaChar® is a subsidiary company of Spahaus Timber Ltd; a long standing company dedicated to bringing novel new timbers to the UK market at affordable prices. Owner, Steve Woolford, is a timber specialist with a love for his subject. The company offers high quality, sustainable and cost efficient products, and prides itself on its reliable customer service. Our motto - Friendly, no-obligation advice is always free.

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PermaChar® is manufactured in our computer controlled facility, using only the highest quality timber.

Lowest UK price:

As the manufacturer we are able to offer trade price to all of our clients.
PermaChar® (all firing levels) is currently around the best UK price, with further price breaks for quantity. We also offer price matching. (Trade - please call to discuss).

Quality of manufacture:

We start with “A” grade larch which is a naturally tough, long lasting timber. This dense wood lends itself well to the burning process and provides a black surface with a multi toned interesting grain pattern showing through on lighter firings.
The wood is processed in our high tech facility. This gives us control over speed of transit and heat giving a consistent and professional end result - this consistency is impossible to achieve with smaller hand fired operations.

Research and development:

We have spent the time on R+D developing profiles which are both contemporary and strong enough to take the charring process. Our high grade proprietary finishes give a hard yet flexible coating which we believe is the best on the market. The dramatic black tones of PermaChar® give depth and credibility to all projects.

Value for money:

Processing the wood is very labour intensive and requires high end, custom finishing products for it to work, but we are offering this designer product for about the price of cedar cladding.
The cladding is ready to install which saves on coating and reduces labour costs.

Fire retardant:

The carbon surface of PermaChar® is naturally fire retardant compared to standard wood cladding, but we can apply a market leading fire retardant coating before delivery for only £5.99 m², with coloured options also available.


The designer look of PermaChar® is hard to match. The dramatic black tones give depth and credibility to all projects. Please contact us for a sample pack.